Building a Library Management app with
Vue, Firebase and Scaffoldhub


Source files:

Project config: scaffoldhub-project.json. (Right click and Save as...)



Modeling and generating the application with Scaffoldhub.

Project file at the resources.

Setting up

Creating a Firebase project and setting up the application generated by the Vue Firebase scaffold/generator.

Terminal commands:

npm install npm -g
npm install firebase-tools -g
firebase login
firebase use --add
npm run deploy:first

Parameters with form only

The basic application has a CRUD of parameters, but we will only need one set of parameters for the entire application. So in this part we will remove the unused parts of the parameters pages.

Managing the book stock

In this part we will create a book stock control with validation at the loan form.

Extending the book autocomplete

The book autocomplete, by default, only searches by the book name. So in this part we will configure the book autocomplete to search by the ISBN and the Author.

Calculating the due date

In this part we will adjust the loan form to automatically calculate and fill the due date of the loan.

Loan status

In this part we will add the loan status - that could be 'In Progress', 'Overdue' or 'Closed' - at the loan list and show pages.

Overdue Loans card at the dashboard

In this part we will add a card at the dashboard to show the top 5 overdue loans.